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"Community and connection is key to this cause."

"Advocacy is teaching, we can do this, and we can make a  difference."

"You are not alone!"

Work Environment and Compensation


The Work Life Process is designed at the program level and includes all staff from one early childhood education program. The impact of this initiative strengthens work life perceptions in programs, creates a healthier environment for adults to work and children to learn, provides teachers with leadership development, and model strategies for collaboration and participatory management in their respective organizations.

The Leadership and Management/ Business Administration Program is one of the  components of the Work Environment domain. The purpose of the Leadership and Management/Business Administration Program is to provide technical assistance and training using the Program Administration Scale (PAS) and the Business Administration Scale (BAS) respectively.

The Leadership and Management/ Business Administration Program  offers both cohort/group professional development and onsite consultation. While PAS or BAS serves as the primary tool for guiding improvements in practice, other tools, surveys, and resources are used when applicable to best fit the needs of the administrator or family child care home provider in achieving their goals.



52 Family Child Care Home Providers






This is the number of family child care home providers who have been through a BAS cohort

(continuing education course (CEU) or  college credit) and who came to a quarterly communities of practice meeting . Quarterly communities of practice meetings are made up of different cohorts.



36 Family Child Care Homes




This number is representative of the family chld care homes who completed the BAS as a CEU over time or over the summer for college credit.



90 Programs






This number represents centers  either working one on one in depth, coming to intro to the PAS sessions, or the longer CEU sessions for centers on the PAS in 2014-2015.

Work Environment Statistics

2020-05-29 (2).png

Advocacy. Most early education programs operate as business structures yet rely upon various funding sources and operate under state regulations. This context limits the program's ability to provide compensation and benefit packages that reflect and reward the education and experience of early childhood teachers. The Work Environment coordinator participates in opportunities to connect with business leaders, policy makers, local and county government representatives, and other organizations in Guilford County.

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"We need to voice and let people know how we feel as child care providers. Let us love on these children like we have been doing."

"A collective voice can be heard."

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